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Amy's Travels in Teen Fiction
Amy's Travels in Teen Fiction: Interview with Sylvia McNicoll
January 10, 2019 The Canadian Children's Book Centre

Going into my podcast with author Sylvia McNicoll, most recently known for Body Swap, I had ideas about what I wanted to ask her. Focusing on her last four YA/teen books alone, the themes of death, rebirth and second chances have fascinated me, especially since they keep reappearing and are obviously something Sylvia has wrestled with.

Sometimes though, podcasts get away from me. While I did get to bring a bit of that out in my conversation with Sylvia, ultimately when she started to talk, all I wanted to do was listen. Her writing career has spanned decades and continents - experiencing first hand how our ideas of writing have changed over time. Sylvia knows how to engage her listener, and I could have continued our conversation for a lot longer.

I say in the podcast that it was recorded for December, but we're releasing it in January because I have been dealing with health concerns. Hoping to bring you many new podcasts in 2019 - next month I have an excellent podcast recorded with author Robin Stevenson about the power of activism.

Happy New Year and Happy Reading!

*Any beliefs expressed in this podcast do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Canadian Children's Book Centre.

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